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Public Speaking

In today’s demanding business environment the need to be able to deliver a speech, host & compare an event or deliver an important presentation with confidence, poise and gravitas is a mighty powerful skill to have.

The reality is that nine to five we can work diligently, do a great job and generally deliver the goods… but it’s often the case that most of our efforts can go unseen and unnoticed by just about everyone apart from our close colleagues and our immediate boss. However, when we step up to deliver and important speech or presentation it’s a very different situation.

The Brilliant Training Company

Like it or not we are in the spotlight and often the audience can contain some pretty important people, people who understandably we would like to impress. But sadly and unfairly one less then sparkling performance at the lectern can lead to weeks, months and even years of hard work and endeavour unravelling in minutes, and our hard earned reputation in the organisation and wider business sector can be unfairly devalued.

So what can be done? Well the question often asked is can people ’learn’ to speak and present with confidence, poise and charisma?’ - and the answer is a resounding YES… and here at Brilliant Training we have a long record of helping people from all different levels step up and deliver that truly sparkling speech or presentation.

Of course every client is different and we take a very individual approach, but generally we look at things like speech construction, understanding audience expectation, opening with power, use of tonality to add power, creation of charisma via positive body language and, if applicable, anxiety management techniques.

So if you have a forthcoming speech, event of presentation that you don’t feel quite as comfortable and confident about as you would like then why not call us. The sessions are totally confidential and are what we call a ’fear free’ experience, so there is nothing to worry about.

Give us a call. Your journey to charismatic speeches and powerful presentations starts here!

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