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How to make brilliant presentations!

Just Imagine…

If every presentation make by every person in your company was captivating, engaging, inspiring, persuasive and sparkling?

The Brilliant Training Company

No more dull and uninspiring PowerPoint driven presentations that feel as if they are going on forever, but instead zesty and charismatic presentations that genuinely improve communication, and so effectiveness within your organisation.

Our award winning Presentation Skills training is motivational, fun, inspiring and empowering and its crammed full of instantly usable tips, techniques, tools and attitudes to help your people present with poise, gravitas, confidence and charisma.

Now here at Brilliant Training we fully understand that even for the most experienced professional delivering a presentation or speech can be a daunting prospect, so our training is delivered in a safe and secure environment and its broken down into easy to digest segments, so that attendees are never left feeling overwhelmed… but grow in confidence as the course progresses…

Now that‘s not to say that it‘s not challenging - but it‘s challenging in a fun and empowering way and the degree of challenge is carefully matched to the attendees. As a result our presentation skills training is applicable to the most senior and experienced of presenters, right down to the novice or new presenter.

Every project we undertake is approached as a unique and individual assignment and the content reflects this. Everything is bespoke to you, but here are a few examples of the type of key learnings delegates take away.

✔ How to plan and structure a truly compelling presentation

✔ How to instantly engage the audience - and keep them engaged (The Attention Curve)

✔ Maintaining audience attention with Pre & Post Announce & R&B

✔ The essential need for Compelling Statements

✔ The power of Stories & Case Studies

✔ How to close with power (the Power Close)

✔ Using the voice as a weapon of communication (Using Tone, Pitch & Pace)

✔ How to use body language to work for you - not against you

✔ Activating the Power of Silence

✔ How to handle any and every audience question

✔ Banishing nerves and anxiety for ever!

✔ How to present with presence, poise, confidence and charisma

So if you, your team or your organisation would like to find out more about how to deliver truly sparkling presentations that ooze gravitas, poise, confidence and charisma then please give us a call.

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