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Irresistible New Business Pitches…That Fly!

In this highly competitive world the ability to pitch for new business with Confidence, Poise, Power and Charisma has never been more important. So just imagine if you and your team were able to deliver new business pitches; that were infinitely more powerful, engaging, appealing… and so were ultimately irresistible!

Enter Brilliant Training and pitch training with a difference!

In the last twelve years we have helped some of the UK‘s leading agencies and organisations to dramatically improve their new business pitch success rate. We do this by coming at the challenge from a different perspective to most and our pitch training is centred around the mind- set of the client, their psychology and specifically how they think.

With this in mind research shows that in almost 90% of new business pitches it‘s not the content that the client buys into - but the presenter or presenters.

The Brilliant Training Company

In addition to this over 95% of new business pitches contain four fundamental weaknesses that dramatically hinder the ability to win the contest. 88% fail to acknowledge and work in conjunction with the clients Attention Curve. Lastly, nearly all are woefully short of things like Compelling Statements, Body Language (that compliments the pitch and doesn‘t work against it) Stories, Passion and a Power Close.

Now of course the concepts you present will be creative and inventive - but is it not true to say that so will your competitors? So the difference and the key to success is YOU and your ability to create and then convey the message in a way that truly connects with the potential client, in an intellectual level of course - but an emotional one too!

Now we are not saying you are not already good… or even brilliant, but here‘s the big question… wouldn‘t you like to know if you could be better?

Want to know more? Why not give us a call… perhaps we can help?

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