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The Brilliant Guarantee

At Brilliant Training we love what we do, but more importantly we want our clients and the people we train to love it too. So while we like to have fun, and we hope we are nice people to work with, underneath our friendly persona we do take things very seriously, to the point where Customer Love is something of an obsession for us.

So with this in mind all of our work comes with something called The Brilliant Guarantee, in as much as if for any reason you are not delighted with what we done simply tell us and we won‘t send you an invoice.

Now even though we called ourselves Brilliant Training we are not ones to show off or brag. However, we are kind of proud of the fact that since our launch in 2006 we have never once got anywhere near to evoking our guarantee, so if we do work for you and it‘s not Brilliant - its free!

Finally testimonials! As you will see we have not wasted space and time by littering our web site with these. However, it goes without saying that if you want to read what our clients say about is - or better still if you want to talk to one or two of them candidly, then give us a call.

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