The Brilliant Training Company

Mmmmm… Why So Brilliant?

It‘s certainly true that there are quite a few training organisations out there to choose from - so why choose Brilliant Training?

1. It‘s A Lot More Than Just Training:

Well we deliver a variety of specialist communication based training solutions that have the joint objectives of passing on new skills, tools and techniques, but also inspiring, empowering and motivating the attending delegates to actually go away and implement their new found skills! So Brilliant training is never dull - but is engaging, fun and mighty powerful.

2. We Have Done What We Train... And Very Successfully!

We also pride ourselves on delivering inspirational training from a platform of real-world experience of the subject we deliver, and if we haven‘t done it brilliantly ourselves… then we don‘t train it. As a result Brilliant Training is never text book theory - but IS cutting edge high impact learning that is delivered by experts who themselves have excelled in the subjects they train.

3. Its Created Purely For You!

Everything we do is bespoke and ‘off the shelf‘ training is not what we go in for. Your challenges and objectives are specific and unique to you - and so are the solutions we develop for you.

The Brilliant Training Company

4. It Makes A Real Difference. And To The Bottom Line Too!

Our training is highly enjoyable, highly motivational, very empowering and fun and it‘s this approach that ensures our training has a long and identifiable effect on both business performance and bottom line profit. Training for the sake of training is again not what we do!


Founded in 2006, based in Berkshire and engaged and retained by some of the world‘s biggest companies Brilliant Training delivers a positive and measurable difference - guaranteed!

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